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The anime-loving androgynous Marxist pre teens of Tumblr are bad, but not as bad as your common foolish liberal democrat. At least the impotent Marxists can’t actually harm our society.

Don’t these craven knaves wax poetically about cultural marxism & say Obama is a marxist who’s come with sword & fire for their precious markets?

Fucking inconsistent, vile, mangy curs. A churl of a human what dares rear his horrid head to spew forth nonsense and lies.

Fucking settler, champion of colonialism and oppression, your fetid breath & disgusting face serve but an examples of the ruin & devastation your horrible ideologies have brought to the world.

Your body has been claimed & is a walking, grotesque banner of the evils of capitalism.

Be gone, foul whelp, back to your hateful pool of greed and cowardice.

Conservatism rises so that its head can be lopped off with greater ease.

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    I will take Marxists any day over your typical liberal. At least they tend to be intellectually principled.
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    This is the douchiest thing I’ve ever read.
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    You’re calling me horrid. Something tells me that I’m not the one using projection. No, really. After everything that...
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    lol somebody found a thesaurus
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    this reminds me of how this one kid who used to shriek KAMEHAMEHAMEHA at people who made fun of him, or write their...
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